Footbllers Wives

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Footbllers Wives

In England there was a TV programme entitled Footballers Wives. The title gave me idea, and so I started work on this story. Many of the spelling are those used in the Oxford English dictionary but also as I have a spell check born in the USA it has also influenced some of the spellings. I enjoy writing and while the majority of the stories I write have a sexual context. I also like to ensure that the story has a good story line.


The Chairman had called an extraordinary directors meeting. He thumped the table calling the meeting to order and holding up several newspapers, and said ’Ladies and Gentlemen once again we are getting a bad press because not only are the antics of the players causing problems now we have the wives going at it as well. The sponsors are unhappy and making rumbling noises about withdrawing their support, and we can not afford to lose their support as we are currently over thirty-five million pounds overdrawn at the Bank.’

The Financial Director said. The sponsors add over One hundred and twenty million pounds to our annual income. If we lose them then we are in big trouble.’

’Yeah but aren’t they tied into us by contract.’ Commented another Director.

’That’s true but the contract is up for renewal soon. The financial director said quietly.

The Chairman butted in. I want this bad publicity stopped immediately. The players must be warned and in future we will enforce the clause in all contracts about behaviour.

One director pointed out The contracts has no legal binding on a wife’s behaviour surely?’
’That is true, but if the wife is a problem we get rid of the player.- We have to be tough on this matter.’


Chapter One
Tony meets Chloe

Tony Nash a fit eighteen year old, and the latest addition to the United first team squad, stood nervously in the doorway of the Supporters Club. He really wanted to turn and run away, but he knew that it would not be a good career move for him to do that now. This was the annual pre - season dance put on by the supporters for the members of the first team squad and their partners. But Tony being as it were a new boy to the first team squad was strangely hesitant. He did not have a girl friend or wife to bring, and the invitation was for first team squad members and their partners only. He knew however, that public relations were very important to the club, and it was a mandatory requirement to attend. The press corps were in attendance in force, and he saw the team manager and some of the coaching staff with their wives being interviewed on the far side of the room.

Then he saw Bill Franks the Supporters Club Secretary working his way through the crowded dance floor towards him with a big welcoming smile on his face. He greeted Tony, and took him by the arm to introduce him to Helen Shaw, a young lady who Tony had for a short time previously dated a year before. But Helen had dropped him quite callously, when she thought that he was not going to make the first team squad, and earn the big money, but now she was secretly delighted to have the chance to make it up with him, now that he was in the news making a big name for himself, and starting to earn the big money he was back on her list of favourites, and she now hoped that he would give her a second chance.

Tony was a well built young man, good looking with close cropped auburn hair. He had dated quite a number of local girls over the years, but had avoided getting involved in any long term commitments. He had a firm policy of loving them and leaving them. He knew that as a rising star for a top Premier league Club his name was now becoming well known, and as the footballing press had picked him out as an up and coming international star of the future, he would become a favourite with the girls looking for a relationship with a top star.

Tony had no doubts that Helen was a gold digger, one of the many that hung around highly paid sportsman, whose sole aim was to marry and get an easy life on the excessively high wages that Premiership players were now being paid. However, Tony was quite happy to have her as a dancing partner for the evening, and he was not going to be wwwxxx tempted into any other sort of commitment. He knew full well that she would be offering to keep his bed warm by the end of the evening especially if she could get a few drinks down him.

They danced a couple of times and then Helen and he drifted over to a group of the players wives and girlfriends, who were holding up the bar and talking while their partners were being interviewed by the media. Helen was hanging on to Tony very possessively. Tony knew quite a lot of the wives and girl friends quite well having met them at the club on a number of occasions. But as he listened to the conversation he realised that the target of their venom this evening was directed towards young Chloe D’tmark the wife of Chris D’tmark one of the clubs costliest, and most senior players. They had quickly noted that she was being pointedly ignored by her husband, who was hanging around, and dancing with one of the other women who had been invited to make up the numbers. The girl he had picked was a known easy lay and so their tongues were wagging with supposition, and Tony thought that it was all rather cruel.

Tony had not met Chloe before and he realised when he looked across at her that she was a real beauty by any standard. She was a slim petite young black girl, with a lovely figure and really classical facial features and for this occasion she was dressed in a lovely traditional African dress, but tonight she was sat alone nursing an empty glass, and looking terribly miserable. Tony was not a great fan of her husband, having previously shared a room with him on tour in Europe. Most nights he reluctantly had agreed to cover for his absence when he had been out after hours clubbing in breach of very strict club rules, and coming back in the early hours smelling of drink and cheap perfume.

A few minutes later Helen excused herself to go to the toilet, and Tony screwing up his courage went across to Chloe, and introduced himself . He asked her politely if he could join her for a few minutes. He bought her a drink, and they sat down to chat. Tony found her very articulate and interesting, and he began to regret that he had been paired up with Helen. It was obvious that Chris her husband was completely ignoring her tonight for some unknown reason.

After a while Tony asked her if she would like to dance, and he led her out on to the dance floor. They had two dances, and then Tony happened to glance across the room to see a furious Helen standing by the bar glaring at him. He would have loved to have left her there, but it was not in his nature to be so discourteous He escorted Chloe back to her seat, and asked to be excused while he invited Helen across to join them.

Helen greeted him with the words. ’So you’re a fucking nigger lover now.’
Tony reacted angrily ’Yes I came to invite you to join us, but if that is your attitude I will bid you goodnight.’
Turning he started to walk back towards Chloe’s table. Helen quickly realised her mistake, grabbed his arm she said.
’No I am sorry Tony I thought you had deserted me for her.’
But Tony realised that she had given him the excuse he wanted, told her to get lost, and so for the rest of the evening he danced with Chloe, and between them they consumed quite a few drinks. As the evening wore on she visibly relaxed, and she was obviously enjoying herself.

When the last waltz was being played Tony asked Chloe her for the last waltz. He led her on to the floor, and at Chloe’s instigation they danced very close together. Chloe deliberately wrapped both her arms round his neck, and pulled him close to her body, her head on his shoulder as they danced. It was obvious to Tony that Chloe was deliberately pushing her groin into him causing him a very embarrassing erection. Tony guessed that the way she was dancing was done deliberately to irritate her erring husband.

Tony caught her husbands eye as they danced, and he was definitely showing signs of extreme anger at the way Chloe and Tony were dancing. He had obviously drunk more than he should have done, and Tony recognised that although he had ignored his wife all the evening, he was now showing very distinct signs of jealousy.

In the cloakroom Chris eventually pushed through the jostling crowd to join them as they were collecting their coats. Tony immediately sensed that a furious argument was going to explode in the D’tmark household that night. He also recognised that Chris would probably have a few things to say to him as well on the following day.

Tony made his excuses and thanked Chloe her for her company, and made his way home. Back in his apartment he parked his car and lay down on the bed without undressing. His mind was engrossed in sexual fantasies about Chloe. He was totally taken with her and could not get her out of his mind. It was about an hour later that his telephone rang. He answered it to hear a tearful Chloe explain that she needed his help straight away.

When he got to her home she told him that on arriving home that evening her husband Chris had been furious with here because she had danced with Tony all the evening, and in the course of the violent argument he had hit her violently in the face. He had accused her of showing him up by dancing and flirting in a sexy way with Tony.

He had then stormed out of the house, presumably she reasoned to join his pre - arranged date with his dubious girlfriend that he had been dancing with all evening. The argument with Chloe being all the excuse he had needed to storm out of the house in a rage. There was no doubt he was genuinely angry with her, and also with Tony. Having accused Chloe of making him look a fool. But as Chloe had pointed out, she had been left alone all evening while he had been off dancing with a well known local whore.

Earlier that evening while sitting alone Chloe had not for the first time recently, been toying with the idea of leaving her husband, she had really stayed with Chris since she had been bought as a teenager to become his wife by his parents. She had hoped that he would eventually change and settle down, especially as she also owed some loyalty to his mother who had looked after her in the early days of their union. She owed his mother so much for all the help and support she had given her over the years, but now as she looked in the mirror, and saw the damage to her features, so she had now decided that enough was enough, and tonight was the time for her to make her exit. She started hastily packing her cases, but suddenly she realised how alone she felt in a strange country, and on impulse she had thought of Tony, and how nice and sensible he seemed, so she telephoned him to ask for his support.

Tony was with her in just under half an hour, and listened in silence while a tearful Chloe explained what had happened that evening. She went on to explain the nature of their so called marriage, and the number of chances that Chris had been given at previous clubs, but always he had slipped back into his continual drinking and clubbing and quite open and very sexual affairs with other women.

Tony eventually said. ’Chloe dear you are packing the wrong cases, you should be packing his cases, and then you should leave them outside for him to collect in the morning. Next, you should ring the police and get him charged with assault, meanwhile, I will get a friend of mine to the wwwxxx come over and change all the locks so that he can not get in when he comes home.

Chloe looked at Tony as she stopped packing and she said ’Will you look out for me Tony if I do, I am alone in a strange country, and I desperately need a good friend.’
’Of course I will.’ Tony said with a smile.
She put her arms round his neck pressing her body into his. She kissed him.
’Thank you Tony. I wish I had a loving sensible husband like you’ She said as she started to unpack her case.

Tony had a friend who worked for an ironmonger who sold locks and hardware, and by about 3,00 am the next morning. The police had been, and taken a statement, and Chloe had been taken to hospital by Tony to have the damage assessed. All the locks had been changed. and Chris’s bags and personal belongings were sitting on the porch waiting for his return home.

The next day fortunately was free of training, after the late night Supporters annual dance, so Tony slept on a couch downstairs, while Chloe went upstairs to bed. He was fast asleep when he heard Chris trying the doors and cursing because he could not get in to the house. Chloe told Tony to stay hidden, as she looked anxiously at the door being brutally kicked, but almost immediately there was the sound of a police siren, and the police arrived, and took Chris into custody. Tony noted with glee that his calls to the local press had worked , and they had arrived in large numbers and taken photographs of Chris being arrested and taken away. Unfortunately, Tony’s old banger was also parked in the drive, and Tony knew that there would probably be trouble at the next days training session.

Tony also learned for the first time that morning that Chloe had a modeling contract with a top London fashion house and so he advised her to see a lawyer, to consider taking legal action for the possible loss of earnings due to the facial damage that Chris had caused. .


Tony had been with United since he was 18 years of age having been discovered by one of Uniteds scouts in an inter school game. His parents were very much against his taking a career in football and had done everything in their power to dissuade him. But Tony had worked hard, and become an instant success, and had quite quickly come through the youth teams, and then eventually through the clubs reserve side. Now at least he had broken into the first team squad.

He had previously made several appearances in the national under 21 side and had done well. The press were calling him ’Uniteds Boy Wonder’ and a promising career in football seemed almost certain. He had been told that three Championship clubs had offered to take him on loan, but United had refused to let him go.

At the start of this seasons training programme he had been included in the first team squad straight away, and he had been on a pre season tour in Europe with them. He had made several appearances with the first team in pre- season friendly matches, and had scored three times. As a result he had been offered, and had accepted a two year contract on very enhanced wages. The first team coach had told him that it was very possible that he would make his first Premiership appearance in the first few games of the season, probably as a substitute at first, but if he did well he had every chance of becoming a regular player.

At training the next day Chris D’tmark had shown his displeasure by starting a row with Tony in the dressing room, and threatening him with physical violence. As the reason for the row had became publicly known, most of the players sympathised quietly with Tony, but a few of the players were drinking friends of Chris and they had openly sided with him. During the training session that followed one or two of Chris’s friends came into Tony with vicious tackles, Tony however, was clever enough to be able to avoid them most of the time but three of the players received warnings from the Coach.

In an after training session the Coach demanded an explanation of the bad attitude, and eventually the events of the night before came out and also the fact that Chris had been arrested and charged for assault by the police. He angrily and publicly accused Tony of fucking his wife, but gradually the truth came out about Tony’s part in helping Chloe the previous night, plus the fact that Chris had physically assaulted Chloe after the dance, did not go down well with most of the other players. In the car park, Chris warned Tony to stop away from Chloe.

’Understand I own that woman, she is mine so you stop away. or I will do for you.’
Tony was disturbed but not frightened by Chris’s animosity, and went immediately to see Chloe on his way home from training. He was pleased to see that she had called her lawyer to start a damages claim against Chris her partner. The solicitor also advised that she seek an injunction banning him from coming near her or telephoning here.

She had worked on her bruises quite expertly with make-up and it was less obvious than when Tony had seen it in the early hours.
Tony said ’Chloe go and take your make-up off and let Mr. Anders your lawyer see the real extent of the damage, and let him take some photographs. You also need to explain to Mr. Anders about your so-called marriage.’

Chloe told the lawyer that she had no objection to Tony sitting in on the conversation, as it was his advice that had convinced her she should stay and fight. The lawyer was fairly certain that as she had not gone through a recognised form of marriage in any country she was not legally married, but could still be classed as a common law wife where the law was concerned. The fact that she had been purchased as a young girl when she was below any western countries age of consent, seemed to be clear evidence that a legal marriage between her and Chris did not exist. In fact her status could easily be classed as having been purchased as a sex slave. Which is totally illegal in any European country.

Mr. Anders left the house and was immediately mobbed by the press. He just made a statement which he had agreed with Chloe saying that criminal charges for assault had been lodged against her common law partner Mr. Chris D’tmark and that common law charges for assault causing injury were being investigated. He also mentioned the fact that it had come out that other charges originating in his home country could lead to his eventual extradition, for having sex with a minor, and other related charges were being investigated. He declined to make an further statement.

Tony also found himself trapped by the gathered press Corp outside, and Chloe once again invited him to stay the night on the couch in the lounge. Tony declined the offer pointing out that she should not lay herself open to any charges on infidelity, at this point in time. He made sure that he heard Chloe close all the bolts being put on the doors before he left.

’If you have any problems during the night you ring the police and then call me.’ He told her.

There was a players meeting at the training ground the following morning in which the team manager and the coach made it absolutely clear that any further incidents would be dealt with severely. Tony however was still receiving threats from Chris and his close friends, and he was in no doubt that at some time in the future he would be the target for some nasty work.

Chloe had called him early that morning to tell him she was alright, and he called in to see her on the way back from training. She was dressed in a white blouse and black slacks, her make-up and hair was impeccable and Tony got the impression that she had been waiting for him she welcome him warmly, taking Tony by surprise she put her arms round his neck, and kissed him on the cheek. Tucking her arm in his she pulled him into the lounge, and they sat on the couch facing the swimming pool.

Chloe turned and looked at Tony. ’Tony why have you been so nice and helping me these last few days?’
’Well Chloe when I got to the Supporters Club dance some of the wives were thoroughly enjoying the fact that Chris had obviously abandoned you. I saw you, and decided that I wanted to get to know you better - you looked so desperately unhappy. I enjoyed dancing with you and talking to you, and when I went home that night I could not sleep as I was thinking about you. When you called and asked me for help I just wanted to be with you and help you.’

’But you have never tried to come on to me at all.’ Chloe said quietly.

’No I appreciate your friendship. I like being with you, and I do not want to lose that.’ Tony said.

’Don’t you have a girlfriend - I thought Helen was trying to hang on to you the other night.’

’Gosh no. She is nothing but a gold digger and I sent her packing when she made a bad remark about you,’

’You’re not gay are you Tony?’ Chloe asked shyly.

’No way, I am anything but.’ Tony replied.

’Would you like to stop over and sleep with me?’ Chloe asked.

’Of course I would, but only when the time is right, but I am not going to take advantage of you.’ Tony said quietly. It could start all sorts of problems for you if I did that.

Just then Chloe gave a gasp and threw herself into Tony arms. Looking up he could see Chris gazing with his nose pushed against the glass, gazing through the window. At first Tony thought it was fright, but then he began to realise that she had done it deliberately to upset Chris, who had obviously seen Chloe in his arms and turned away his face showing his fury at what he had seen. Tony immediately rang the police as the magistrates had made it a condition of his bail that he was to stay away from his wife,. later that evening he was re-arrested.

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