One saturday night

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
One saturday night

It was a Saturday night, you had put some music on to get you into the mood for the night ahead. You go into the kitchen to get yourself a glass real forced anal against her will of wine from the fridge, as you walk back into the bedroom you happen to look out of the window and see the silhouette of yourneighbor in his bedroom window. As you are standing there looking out of your window he suddenly pulls the curtains open which makes you dart to one side so that you aren't seen. You precariously peek around the curtains and notice him standing there with just a pair of tight boxer shorts on. As you have got another 3 hours before you have to meet up with your friends you decide to watch him. You creep over to the light switch and turn it off so that you can't be seen watching him. You move back to the window and sit yourself down on the edge of the bed; you take a sip of your wine and place the glass down on the floor. As you look up you see yourneighbor walking into the bathroom, as the window has got frosted glass you can only see his silhouette once again. As you look hard you can see him sliding down his shorts and what looks like him getting into the shower, you decide to keep watching as you can see his silhouette as he washes. As you are sitting there watching him you can feel a tingling feeling between you legs and you heart starts to beat harder. 

After about 10 minutes he comes out of the shower and walks back into his bedroom with now just a small towel wrapped around his waist, you continue to sit there and watch him as he slowly unwraps the towel revealing his naked body. You gasp as he begins to dry himself in front of his window, rubbing his muscular body with the towel you slide further to the edge of your bed to get a better look at him. You are now beginning to feel a wet patch between your legs as you are getting more and more turned on by what you are watching. You slide you hand down in between your legs and feel the juices coming from your hole. You start to rub the inside of you thighs getting higher and higher to your hole, keeping a good watch on what yourneighbor is doing your start to rub your clitoris with your finger. You see him walk around his room naked with not a care in the world, obviously notrealizing that someone is watching him, his cock is not hard but it look as though he is well endowed, his cock swaying from side to side as he walks around his room. You start picturing what it looks like when it is hard and this image inside your head is getting you even more turned on. You start to rub clitoris harder and harder with your fingers and with the other hand you slide two fingers inside your wet, moist hole. You begin to rub harder and harder, your fingers start to go in and out in and out of you faster and faster. Yourealize that you have been sitting there watching him now for nearly and hour, the sweat is dripping down your forehead as you are getting hotter and hotter, you feel yourself getting closer and closer, you keep watching him walk around his bedroom when he suddenly stops in front of the window and looks directly towards you window, you stop what you are doing and slide of the bed hoping that he hasn't seen you watching him. 

You sit there on the floor for about 10 minutes, your heart is beating very fast, your breathing is fast and shallow, you still have the excitement of watching him naked in your mind but you can't stop thinking "what if he's seen me!!" You gradually get yourself up and peek over the window ledge into his room, as you look over you see that his light is now turned off. You stand up and pick up your wine and take a big gulp of it. You have a look at the clock and realise that you haven't got much time left to get ready, you place your glass on the dressing table and grab your towel and head for the shower. You slide your clothes off and climb into the shower. As you are standing there, the water hot pulsating against your naked skin you can't help picturing him your mind. You take the soap and start to rub it over your body, you start to massage the soap into your breasts, as you rub the soap over them you rub against your nipples, the feel of the soap suds over your nipples makes you shudder as you are still turned on. You carry on washing yourself and rub loads of soap on to your hands, you partly open your legs and begin to wash your lips and hole, and gently brushing against your clitoris you let out a gentle moan. You really what to make yourself cum but you haven't got enough time because you are xnxxv sunny leone video running late. You think to yourself that if you stop thinking about it then it the urge will just go away. You get out of the shower and pick up your towel and begin to dry yourself. Rubbing the towel over your body brings back images of him doing the same thing, which is not helping the feeling go away. You go back into the bedroom and turn the light on; you walk over to your window and close the curtains, as you don't want the same thing to happen to you that you were doing to him.

You drop your towel onto the floor and stand in front of the mirror and begin to come your hair. You look at your nicely toned body and think that to yourself that you are such a lucky person to have a good looking body. Once you had combed your hair you start to look for some to put on, your open your draw and pull out a nice sexy little black bra which you lay on the bed, you look through the draw to find a to go with it, you see something sparkle and pick it up, it's a little black that has got perfect written on it in diamonds and that you had brought a while ago and haven't warn yet. You decide to wear them and slide them over your silky legs; you reach over and put the bra on as well. You look through your wardrobe and decide to wear a short jean skirt and a black top. You put them on and stand in front of the mirror, you look at yourself and decide that you need to wear some tights; you look in your draw and pull out a pair of black fish net ones which would look really sexy with the rest of the outfit. You put them on being really careful not to tear them. You look at the clock and realise that you haven't got much time left so you grab your glass of wine and finish the rest of what's left and go into the hallway to get your high leg boots and your coat.

You arrive at the bar and everybody are already there drinking, someone asks you what you want to drink and you ask for a glass of wine. You sit down and start talking to your friends. As you are talking someone stands beside you and you can smell their aftershave, you lean towards them so that you can get a better smell. The aftershave that they are wearing is one of your favourites and the actual smell turns you on. You turn around to see who it is and realise that it is someone your have fancied for quite a while. You look up at him and see him looking down at you. You both make eye contact and you are drawn into his sexy blue eyes, you sit there what seems like ages just staring into their eyes. He turns to you and asks to sit down; you slide yourself along the seat so that he can sit next to you. As you sit there and everybody is talking all you can think about is your neighbour being naked, the thought of this and the smell of the aftershave next to you is starting to get you turned on again. You drink a few more glasses of wine and then someone decides to get a few cocktails, as you are a bit of a animal you decide to go for it. You sit there reading a cocktail menu and he leans over to have a look as well, you can't decide what to have so you ask him what is he having, he tells you and you decide to get the same as it sounds quite nice. He gets up to go to the bar and you decide to help him. You are both standing at the bar you move close to him so that his back is pressing against your breasts, you can smell his aftershave even better now and it's making you even more randy. He turns around and puts his arm around your waist, sending a shiver down your spine. He leans forward to say something in your ear, you can feel his warm breath against your neck as he asks you what one of the drinks was, you reply and all you can think about is kissing his neck as you speak into his ear. He gets the drinks and you both go back to the table, you take a sip of the cocktail and it seems pretty strong to you but you still decide to drink it. 

You both sit down next to each other again, as the seats aren't that big you are both sitting very close to one another, you leg is touching his and you can feel the hardness of his muscle against yours. He picks up a cigarette from the table and places it in between his lips, you look around and an image of his lips around your nipples pops up in your head. You pick up your drink and take a big swig of it, hoping that you can flush that image out. As you are sitting so close together he puts the cigarette into his left hand and places his right arm down onto his thigh, you can feel his hand gently touching your thigh, you think to yourself that you would like to feel his hand between your thighs gently stroking them. Once he finishes his cigarette you turn to him and ask if he wants to dance, he replies yes and you both get up, you take his hand and lead him to the dance floor. Once there you guide him over to a secluded part of the dance floor, you place your arms around his neck and you feel his hands on your waist, as you are dancing you can't help but look into his eyes, when you look into them you can't help feeling weak at the knees.

You carry on dancing and you keep getting images in your mind of you and him doing all sorts if rude things, the music slows down and you both move closer to one another, you can feel his groin pressing against yours and you wonder to yourself what he's got down there. As you are dancing close to each other you feel his hands slide from your hips and onto your bum, where he gently squeezes each cheek. He draws you closer to him, your lips are now just centimetres away from his, you both look into each others eyes and then you begin to move closer, the music is loud, the drink is flowing through you and you are dancing with such a sexy bloke what else could be better, a kiss you think to yourself, you are finally so close to each others lips that you can feel his warm breath against your face, your lips gently touch, you can't believe it, he pulls you so close to him that it takes your breath away and you begin to passionately kiss each other.