In the next room

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In the next room

?Stop it.? the young man warned as he stripped off his shirt, leaving only the worn green fishnet falling just past his smooth pectorals. Uay only continued to stare, unblinking and unmoving. ?I said STOP.? He turned to face the elf, throwing upon him a dark, dangerous scowl. No reaction. ?God! What do you want?? Oktavian threw his arms into the air, ?And don?t say sex because I have a headache.? The young male god?s hands balled into /adorable/">adorable fists at his sides in a show of his beastly ferocity and the potential violence he was capable of once threatened.

Uay?s movements were so swift, that had one chosen to blink, they would have missed the whole thing. The elf reached forward, and with one arm he seized Oktavian?s waist, twirling him like a dancer to fall to the bed. He fell over the young man, skillfully pinning his arms above his head with one hand. ?You?re a /bad/">bad liar.? Uay stated, his voice a devious whisper. He did his best to look menacing, though really, he wouldn?t hurt his wonderful lover. He couldn?t bring himself to harm something that was so beautiful and sinful at the same time, and had survived so much emotional torment through so many long years. ?I think you know what I want.? He whispered shortly as his free hand pulled away the heavy collar from the young man?s fair-skinned neck, then swept the tumbles of raven hair from dark jaded eyes, ?I really do.? The wind outside thrashed at the feeble walls.

Uay leaned down over Oktavian?s fragile neck, kissing gently. ?Uay, Daemionne?s in the other room and I said I have a- ooooh....? Oktavian?s claims melted into pleasure as Uay?s skilled fingers managed to unzip his pants. The elf found the young man?s sluggish pulse upon a perfectly curved neck and pulled it into his mouth, suckling at the vein below the skin and allowing his tongue to probe at it gently. He moved slow and carefully, perfectly aware of the child in the next room, while at the same time not entirely caring. For as much as Uay allowed himself to believe, their /son/">son was sleeping like a rock already in the next room over, and not all the wills of the gods combined could ever awaken him, least of all a few moans or cries. Uay?s lowered himself a little, sitting lightly on the Oktavian?s slim thighs. He took his time pulling away the clothing from his upper body tossing each defeated article to the corner of the dark room. 

Uay?s fingers traced the small crosshatches of the fishnet fabric, pausing at the small rises of Oktavian?s nipples, the rosy skin barely visible below the bright green criss-crosses. Uay did manage to give the small hoop piercing the tender skin of Oktavian?s left nipple a small tug before he lifted the small undershirt, pressing the tip of his tongue through the ring and drawing it into his mouth. He held it carefully between his teeth as he suckled quietly, the young man?s moans silenced to harsh breath for fear of waking his sweetly slumbering child.

Finally, Uay found himself looking upon the boy?s bare, pale chest. He pulled the fishnet shirt over his young love?s head and a long trail of hair slid like silk along with it, piling gracefully over the pillows, the inky colour of his hair hiding the white sheets. The elf ran his fingers in adoration of the smooth porcelain skin, marveling at the beautiful young body that he could rightfully call his as a scarred hand found Oktavian?s and slid over the silver ring forever lingering upon a slendour finger. At the highly skilled and teasing attentions to his piercing, Oktavian?s eyes fluttered as a wave of pleasure washed over him. Screw the kid in the next room, he thought, wishing he could truly feel such and let Uay have his wonderful way with the useless body below him, let him bring such magnificent and all-consuming physical pleasure as he had never failed to do. 

Uay pulled up briefly, and a hint of sorrow glimmered in his eyes as his gaze drifted to his own arm, covered in the scars of so many struggles and harsh years. It was a usual ritual for Uay, a feeling he rediscovered almost every time he compared his body to Oktavian?s. With a tenderness that perhaps only the elf realized Oktavian possessed, the young man leaned forward and placed a /kissing/soft-kiss/">soft kiss along a piece of scarred flesh, then another, just brushing his lips gently on the imperfections ringing of old pain. Uay smiled, running his hand gratefully along his love?s pallid cheek . He bent down, once again suckling at the young man?s neck, leaving tiny red marks in wake of his practiced lips and nipping teeth. 

Oktavian could not begin to hold in the moan in that escaped his lips, low and breathy. His body trembled below the elf as his hands moved behind Uay and wove into soft silvery tresses of hair. He stretched out his delicate neck and drew in an overjoyed breath as Uay bit down. Oooh, he wanted Uay to bite there, more and harder. He wanted to be marked. Oktavian wasn?t even sure why, but he knew he wanted it that way. He made a tiny, yearning noise as the elf pulled away, but protested no more as clever fingers stripped him down to the bare skin. ?Daemionne... next room....? The young man tried to warn once again in an airy whisper. But his words were sealed as a pair of soft lips pressed demandingly to his own, and his mouth finally admitted defeat in the wake of the elf?s desires. 

Uay easily parted the young man?s lips and teeth, pressing into the Oktavian?s mouth, tongue fondling tongue, sensuously caressing whatever he could find. As he hungrily devoured the young man?s mouth his hand began to move stealthily lower. With light feather touches that teased the gentle skin his hand slid down Oktavian?s chest, following the dip of his small stomach, before halting upon the loosened lip of his pants. Uay unlinked his fingers with Oktavian?s and swept his hand up to his own face. He quickly pulled away the patch he was still getting used to wearing and threw it aside before moving his other hand lower, so both now powerfully grasped the young god around his fragile waist. The elf?s thumbs pressed harshly against Oktavian?s hipbones as he intensified the kiss, his chest heaving against Oktavian, his larger body pushing him down teasingly into a soft mattress that reeked of dust, herbs, and old booze. The bed groaned heavily under the sudden strain.

Oktavian?s breath grew deep and he wrapped his slim legs around Uay?s waist, pressing his hips up viciously into Uay?s groin. He rose up to meet the heat of the kiss, a trail of the elf?s saliva trickling down his chin. The soft noises of their kiss and the frenzied rustle of sheets, as well as the rhythmic rub of Oktavian?s bare skin to the rough fabric of Uay?s pants was the symphony of their love, unaware of a small pair of fluttering eyes in the next room over. 

The young man threw his head back and a delighted cry was partly muffled as his hand flew up to cover his mouth, and he bit down harshly on his fingers. Oktavian?s entire body tensed deliciously as Uay again attempted to de-root his tongue from the young man?s mouth, sucking violently in sheer concentration. The elf?s /sweet/">sweet saliva trickled slowly along the corner of his lips, the young man, still unable to capture its syrupy contents amid Uay?s animal-like insertions of tongue and the rough rhythm driving him harder and harder every second into the soft mattress below the men. Uay growled as Oktavian?s fingers trailed harshly against his sensitive skin, tearing the substance as his back arched instinctually into the elf?s motions, the intoxicating sensation of sexual intercourse having left his body wild and untamed. 

?Oh God...? Oktavian whispered breathlessly as Uay ground himself deeper within the young man in short, slow motions, straining his neck weakly as a tremor of /ecstasy/">ecstasy shot rapidly to his groin. Uay pressed down heavily into the young go, inspiring a slow moan to echo among them. ?Oh my fucking god...? He groaned between broken breaths and silent moans. Oktavian grasped pleadingly at Uay?s rear, squeezing and kneading rudely at the dramatic curves, pressing Uay?s hips farther still between his alain lyle porn thighs. 

Blood slicked his grasp and he whimpered, indian santali xvideo desperate for even deeper penetration. He wanted more, harder, faster, NOW. Uay gasped as he came hard for the second time, and his pace slowed, but only for a moment. ?Harder...? Oktavian moaned distraughtly and dug his nails violently into Uay?s waist, ?Oh god, Uay... HARDER!?