Her first bachelor party

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Her first bachelor party

Here she sat, in a hotel room, 20 years old with a middle aged man sticking his finger in and out of her pussy while 8 other middle aged watched and cheered and made crude remarks. She hadnt meant for it to get to this but she did sign on to be the stripper at the bachelor /party/">party. She just expected the men to be closer to her age, maybe mid twenties or so, not mid 40s.

While the guy worked her pussy she sat and acted girlishly shy like she was told to act. That was part of the deal. When she first saw the age group she thought it would be easier. That theyd be old and repressed or something but she couldnt have been more wrong. These guys were intent on doing things to her that their /fat/">fat wives wouldnt let them do. One guy was saying something to the effect that he couldnt wait to get his dick up her ass and another was asking if anyone had ever given a girl a facial. Laughter followed each crude comment.

It was unsettling but she was committed. The deal was made over the phone porn videos download and she agreed to have sex if the audience pressed the issue. The price would go up per person but she needed the money and it wasnt like she was a virgin. Shed fucked her share of high school boys and a few college guys but shed never pulled a train so this would be a first.

The man fingering her stopped and took her by the hand. He used the same hand that had just been in her hole and she could feel her own pussy juice. He pulled her up and led her into the next room. It was a suite style hotel room. The group cheered loudly as she walked past them. Many copped a feel and reached between her legs to feel the moisture in her pussy. It was like walking through a gauntlet. The next room had a bed and she was pushed toward it. When she laid back expecting to be fucked the man told her to sit up. She did as she was told. He stepped in front of her and with his legs spread, started to undo his pants. He had a belly that fell free when his pants dropped to the floor but it didnt hide his rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. It sprung free and almost poked her in the face. With no pretence to romance he pushed his hips forward and said 4 words as he shoved his dick to her mouth.

"Deep throat me baby"

She was not inexperienced but she wasnt exactly a pro either. She took as much as she could into her mouth wrapping her lips around his girth. She started to suck the guy off but apparently it wasnt what he wanted so he took her head in his hands and thrust forward, lodging his dick straight down her throat.

"I said deep throat baby" was all he said as he started to give her a good face fucking. She gagged and coughed but he was relentless.
"My wife doesnt suck me off anymore" He told her as he continued to pump into her mouth.

By now she had gained some control and kept a rhythm going to catch her breath when she could. With no warning he tensed, thrust and blew his load into her unprepared mouth. She gagged uncontrollably but he held her head firmly until he was done. When he pulled free she coughed and spit up what she hadnt been forced to swallow. As she was flailing on the ground to regain her composure the man yelled.

The door opened and 2 more men entered. The spun her around and in no time one was working into her pussy while the other was rubbing his dick on her face waiting for her to open her mouth. Shed had time to dry up between her legs so the guy going at her back there was having a hard time of it, or rather, she was because he wasnt being gentle. Hed wedged his dick into her and was pushing through the dryness of her pussy lips. When he started to gain ground he just slammed in and starting rutting in her hole. When she squealed from the pain her mouth opened enough for the other man to stick his dick in. Now they were having a tug of war with her body, each pulling her back and forth, in and out. Niether lasted long and she was swallowing her second load of the night in a few minutes. The rest had entered the room and several had their cocks out waiting their turn. Someone stuck a bottle of whiskey in her mouth and she swallowed that to rinse the cum from her mouth. As the night progressed she was fucked in many positions much to the amusment of the crowd. Whenever she made an odd noise they got the biggest kick out of it and whoever caused it tried to repeat what ever to make her do it again. The entire time one man stood out to her. He said little and watched the entire event but never did anything. She hadnt sucked his dick nor been fucked by him. She was curious to say the least. The whiskey kept flowing to so an hour into her adventure she was pretty well looped. It was then the group started to quiet down. She lay on the bed and someone told her to play with herself. As she did the man told her to do it from her hands and knees. She complied. What she didnt see was the quiet man stand and statr to undress.

"Make some noise /bitch/">bitch" someone yelled and she started to groan and squeek as she played with her pussy. She had her ass in the air and her head on a pillow with her eyes closed. She was working herself into a lather when she felt someones weight on the bed. She assumed she was going to get fucked xxx again and continued waiting for the inevitable. A hand grabbed her ass and she felt a dick push at her pussy. As it entered it was clear she hadnt had this one yet. It was huge and stretched her beyond what shed ever felt before. It didnt seem to have an end to it. She turned her head to see the quiet man pushing into her. All she could think was how enormous he was. She felt like he was splitting her in two. When he started to withdraw she realized she hadnt taken a breath since he started going in. She took a deep one as he withdrew completely. She didnt know why he would do that. She figured hed just keep pumping her. Then it became clear. She felt pressure at her /asshole/">asshole and started to jump up only to find herself being held in place by some of the group.

"Do it Mike" She heard someone say and then she thought she was going to die. He started to press into her ass and didnt stop to let her get accustom. From all the fucking she was well lubricated and he just kept going deeper and deeper. She started to wail and scream much to the pleasure of the crowd. She was in agony. Unbearable pain. It was blinding and he pummeled into her and the crowd ignored her pleas and crying to stop. He was like a man possessed as he used her. He went on for about 10 minutes before blowing his load into her bowels. When he withdrew she fell forward and got into the fetal position trying to get confort from the pain in her ass. She wasnt there long before someone else decided to take a turn in her back side.

There was no talk of this in the deal but she knew it was too late as the next and then the next went off in her asshole. By the end of the evening each man had used each of her holes at least once and many came back for seconds and thirds. The quiet man forced her to suck his dick so she did her first ass to mouth that night. She was also DPs for the /first-time/">first time.

By evening end she was so sore she wanted to pass out. The last man to leave threw her a key and told her check out was 11AM. She heard the door close and wept. It was her last bachelor party