Job Interview

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Job Interview

I contacted a woman who owned several escort services to apply to design ads for her services. She set up a meeting at her home/office so she could review my art portfolio.

"Bambi" was in her late 50s and I was 33 years old. I had a day job, but did freelance art work on the side. I arrived at her home about 7PM.
She was a short, stocky woman with grey hair. When she spoke, she mixed up words and meanings so that she sounded a lot like "Archie Bunker."

I sat on her couch and she took my portfolio and sat on the floor at my /feet/">feet to flip through it. Her sitting at my feet like that turned me on for some reason. We discussed my work and then talked about what shed like as far as ad designs.

She told me about her business and how it operated. Then she offered me another job. She said from time to time shed get calls from /women/">women for a male escort. She thought Id be good at xxx sex video download free com it, but that she would have to audition me before Id get the job. Although she was no beauty, this propitiation turned me on and I became hard. She asked if Id like to apply for the position and I told her I would.

She got up and disappeared into her bathroom. Then I heard water running. She came out, went to her kitchen and made me a whiskey and water, brought it to me and then went into her bedroom. When she came back, she was wearing a red lace nightie. She knelt in front of me and began unbuttoning my shirt.

"Were going to take a bath," she told me.

After she undressed me, she got up and went in and turned off the running bath water. She came, took my sexxxx video ful hd hand and led me into the large bathroom. In the middle of the room was a sunken, red, heart shaped bath tub filled with water and bubbles. It looked like something out of a Matt Helm movie.

I slipped into the hot water and she removed her nightie and slipped in beside me. Then she grabbed my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock with her hand and brought it to the surface of the water and she took me into her mouth and began sucking my cock. I let my body float so that she had access to my entire seven and a half inches. She was very good at giving head. This old madame knew her trade well.

After a while, before I could cum, she took me out of her mouth and we began kissing. As our tongues danced with one another, I reached under the water and found her womanhood with my fingers and began /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her and she again grabbed my hard cock and began jacking me.

She then pulled me toward her and I knew she was ready for me to enter her. She opened her legs as I sent her my torpedo. It was a direct hit and my shaft slipped inside of her wonderful pussy. I dont know why I love fucking old ladies, but I certainly do and although she was no beauty, she felt wonderful and I was eager to please her.

After about 20 minutes of this, we got out of the tub and she took me to a round sofa she had in the living room. It was huge and we held one another as we rolled around on it, kissing and touching and licking and sucking each other. Then I got her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind and began really fucking her. My stomach making a slapping sound as I slammed against her /ass/big-ass/">big ass. I was fucking her hard and fast. My hands clutching her big hips as I rammed my cock deep within her. She gasped and moaned and I knew she was about to cum. I too began to feel my passion building and soon I had to release what was building up and my cocks head burned with pleasure as I shot my cum wad inside of her.

She told me that I did indeed pass the audition.